"Our goal is for you to be able to take your dog
ANYWHERE off leash."
Specializing In Off-Leash Obedience
We Make Man's
Best Friend Better
Gift Certificates Available
Do you know someone who has a dog that needs better manners?  
You can help them out with a gift certificate for training from Treasure Valley Dog
Please call for details...
We take pride in being the best dog trainers in Idaho with more
credentials and experience than any other dog trainer in Idaho.
Treasure Valley Dog Training
44 N. Robinson Rd.
Nampa, Idaho  83687

Idaho Dog Training
Boise, Nampa, Caldwell
Eagle, Meridian, Kuna
and Surrounding Areas
At Treasure Valley Dog Training we can train any breed of dog at any
age. We offer private lessons, small group classes, and residency
programs to meet your needs as well as Puppy Preschool for young
puppies. Our programs are designed to help your dog become
obedient both on and off leash.

Every dog is unique, so we customize our training program to fit each
dog's temperament and personality. The techniques we use are the
best in the world to get off-leash obedience for real world situations.
We teach your dog to block out distractions and respond to your
commands. We incorporate distractions such as animals (cats,
chickens, rabbits, chinchillas), sounds, balls, etc., in the training     
process to ensure that your dog will respond to you when you
encounter these and other distractions in the real world.
We train dogs through positive motivation and teach them that
obedience is a way of life.  

Our belief is that a trained dog is a pleasure to be around, and
every dog owner has an obligation to safeguard their pet by
training them for off-leash obedience.  A dog which must always be
kept on a leash or behind a door or fence is never really safe.  Our
goal is for you to be able to take your dog anywhere off leash.
Home of Idaho's BEST Puppy Development Program!
Puppy Preschool is very important and can have a profound effect on
the puppy's behavior and personality as an adult dog. If your puppy
does not receive proper socialization in a positive manner, it can have
long-lasting or permanent negative effects on the puppy's personality
that can cause numerous behavioral problems. We give puppies a
variety of experiences that they need in order to mature into happy
confident, well-adjusted dogs. We address and help to    prevent any
potential behavior problems, fears, and aggressions.    We teach the
puppies basic obedience in a positive manner with no corrections so
the puppies will love learning and being obedient.  We teach you how to
properly care for and raise a puppy you can live with.
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